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A Soulpreneurs' Best Kept Secret For Success.


Wellness Brands & Creative Entrepreneurs

Janessa holds Wellness Brands, Yoga Therapists, & Yoga Teachers accountable to creating, upholding and sustaining conscious capitalism. You can earn more by aligning your values with your potential customers. Yes, you can be profitable, inclusive and culturally aware at the same time. Let me show you how.


"Working with Janessa was about getting unstuck, filling the gaps and getting ready to launch. Now I'm delivering who I am." 

Getting clear is a work-in, not a work-out. This industry prides the busywork, but productivity is alignment from within. Together we brainstorm ideas, workshop the vision, to offer transparency and poignant communication with accessible, digestible delivery of your services.    


"Her job isn't to show off my success story; it's to help me show up for my success. And that has made all the difference"

Virtual pats on the back or emoji hand claps are one thing; keeping you to your word and working with integrity with undeniable support is another. I see you as a unique individual who offers your own style and delivery as a testament to my unconditional regard for you as a person above all else. 


"I've been spinning my wheels, hoping something sticks; not realizing I've stopped offering value, until now."

Running your Yoga Business, online or offline, is more than a big idea. It takes Savvy, Strategy, Research, and Creativity. Scheduling in your growth sessions helps you cultivate the seeds you've planted, from a notion to action, collaborating to find unique solutions for consistency. 

"The pandemic left me without the ability to work or receive any income, I went into panic mode. Janessa and her program pivoted that around for me as she skillfully guided me to offering profitable online yoga programs. She lifted my confidence. Being held accountable made the whole process successful, manageable and enjoyable. She wants to see you rise. "

Dona Watts-Hutchings BMR-PT
Physiotherapy, Pilates & Yoga

No More Free Yoga

Never return to almost broke and broken by teaching Yoga full-time, online or in-person. This revolutionary live webinar is the spark you need to put value on your passion and profits in your pockets. Banish the endless cycle of free yoga for good, yours and mine.

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"I have many talents. Organization isn't one of them. In a few short weeks of working with Janessa, I've learned to direct my focus, clarify and discern how I can best be of service. She compassionately holds me accountable and motivates me from a place of love with a real desire to see me expand. If you want to grow your online business, work with her. That is all. "

Sarah Ireland
Founder of One Good Om, Speaker, eRYT 500, Teacher Trainer

Align: Design Your Tribe

Learn the framework to consistently provide value to your core audience, no matter your delivery: website, social media, newsletters, blogs, workbooks!  Learn how to align with an audience that clearly hears you, and most importantly, views you as a leader in your niche. When you're over being the jack of all trades, it's time to align, design your tribe authentically and rise above the noisy crowded Yoga Industry in just 4 weeks. 

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What Krissy Shields, Founder of Maha Mama Yoga, has to say about working with Janessa Mondestin. Click below.



This 90-Day High-Touch Semi-Private Yoga Coaching Group Is Designed To Turn Likes And Follows Into Full-Scale Business Models.


Janessa is the Director of People & Culture for Yoga International, Founder of Soulthentic School of Yoga, Yoga Alliance e-RYT500, IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist, iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 Teacher and former Adjunct Professor of Yoga and Wellness at Stevens Institute of Technology.  

As a producer, former studio owner and teacher trainer, she mentors wellness-based professionals on how to transition into online offerings and diversifying their unique styles and income authentically. 

She is the creator, writer and curator of Brave Conversations: a podcast about the intersections of yoga, wellness and the world.  

As a Corporate America escapee, Janessa Mondestin consults a variety of wellness and yoga organizations on how to lead their diversity and inclusion efforts by leaning into the organization to create more equitable opportunities for growth and sustainability in value offered and profitability. 

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